The piano is a wonderful instrument from the early 1700's and has been developed over the years. Here at Anmol Bachpan we have experienced teachers who teach the electric keyboard. By learning the keyboard you can play many off your favorite songs, where ever you find an electric keyboard and show off to friends and family. Learning the keyboard also helps improve your hand - eye - coordination, make your mind more creative and help develop your memory.


The guitar is a string instrument that originates from Spain. Each guitar has a certain set of strings, this can vary from guitar to guitar, for example, an acoustic or electric guitar has 6 strings while the bass guitar has only 4. Learning the guitar has many benefits and unlike most other instruments the guitar is portable, hence you can take it with you where ever you like. The guitar helps you to grow in many ways and can help you to be creative , relieve stress, play for your friends and family and give you an upper hand as a university student or even give you more job options in the future. Anmol Bachpan offers you all these possibilities with the help of experienced trainers in the acoustic, bass and electric guitar.


There are many ways to express our feeling and what better way to do it than art. Drawing and shading isn't only for kids, anyone can sketch if they are given paper and some pencils, though not everyone is an expert at it. Hence we have amazing artists to help you get better; they will guide you from step to step and show you techniques that you can use whenever you want. We start with drawing and sketching objects, then move on to landscapes and portraits to imaginary drawings.

Dance Fitness

All we need is a beat, dance fitness is here to pull you up from your sofa and get your moving. Join a freestyle dance session with us and give a chance for your body to calm your mind and burn some calories. Dance fitness is all about laughing, having fun and seeing that fat burn. Every time you exercise, your body releases happy hormones that keep your body and mind fit, so join and let the happy hormones kick in.


Chess is a very good exercise for both sides of brain. Chess develops the reasoning skills. Basically you can say that Chess is the gymnasium of mind.


A logical training to your left brain, useful for analysis and reasoning. Excessive usage gives you “Rubik’s Wrist”.